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A little bit about me

Hi. While this blog is a part of Seed Catalyst’s website, I realised over the initial few weeks that a lot of you are first introduced to the firm via the blog rather than our home page.

So to introduce myself - I’m a business consultant working with early stage technology firms to help streamline their strategy and go-to-market approach and support them for fund raising. 

With this blog, I aim to capture key market trends that I see in the industry, the ecosystem and cross-plays in some of the more interesting and upcoming sectors, as well as cover interesting companies that I meet. 

I will also be addressing vexing and interesting valuation and deal/term-sheet structures that would be of interest to technology start-ups at various stages of their growth.

So let’s get started...

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Android powered gateway vs Android powered TV PDF Print E-mail
Blog - New developments
Thursday, 18 March 2010 22:14


Google joining forces with Sony and Intel was not exactly what I was expecting. What I was expecting (or wishing for):

  •   A set top box with the Android operating system
  •   Which can be connected to fibre, cable, DSL, mobile and satellite networks (aka a quad play home gateway)
  •   With an integrated Wi-Fi router
  •   And integrated femtocell capability
  •   And on-board memory to store personal data (music, pictures, videos)
  •   Capable of streaming internet TV and video from websites such as Youtube, HuluiPlayer etc
  •   Integrated with a Netflix-like capability (in my case hoping that LOVEFiLM grows into the video streaming model) or VUDU like peer-to-peer streaming
  •   With eventual Boxee-like social networking and recommending capability as well as the capability to connect to OnLive type cloud gaming services
  •   And (since it’s Android) capable of provisioning the entire range of applications from the app store

Is that too much to ask for?


Ok maybe I wasn't expecting all if it but most of it - from the new Motorola in partnership with Google. (Motorola integrates CPE and mobile division –http://bit.ly/9sZjyB ) After all, the Droid was the most hyped of the Android launches. With the integration of their handset and gateway business units, why not the Android powered gateway?


But maybe that wasn't meant to be. Perhaps Google will focus on TV manufacturers and television channels/content providers and Motorola will continue to focus on operators or maybe.....I guess we'll just have to wait and watch.


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