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A little bit about me

Hi. While this blog is a part of Seed Catalyst’s website, I realised over the initial few weeks that a lot of you are first introduced to the firm via the blog rather than our home page.

So to introduce myself - I’m a business consultant working with early stage technology firms to help streamline their strategy and go-to-market approach and support them for fund raising. 

With this blog, I aim to capture key market trends that I see in the industry, the ecosystem and cross-plays in some of the more interesting and upcoming sectors, as well as cover interesting companies that I meet. 

I will also be addressing vexing and interesting valuation and deal/term-sheet structures that would be of interest to technology start-ups at various stages of their growth.

So let’s get started...

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Mobile advertising's preferred platform PDF Print E-mail
Blog - Market trends
Tuesday, 18 May 2010 21:58
Image representing Smaato as depicted in Crunc...


There was an interesting report from Smaato, according to which Symbian users are three times more likely to click on an ad, as compared to the next in line iPhone. What was surprising was that this data was for the US where the Symbian platform has traditionally been weaker. In Europe, Windows Mobile beat Symbian.


Of course, this scenario will change with the launch of iAd. Why do I say that – because I think they will show higher level of aggregation as well as faster loading times thanks to an integrated platform. Faster loading times – that is certainly key for mobile publishers.


Also, while the average worldwide ad network fill rate performance has dropped moving from Q1 to Q2, it has actually risen in the US where the fill rate is almost twice the worldwide average.  The European average is still close to the world wide range of 25-26%.


Where does Smaato get the data from – their network of about 4000 registered mobile publishers which serve about 6 billion ad requests from about 40 mobile ad networks.


Will Symbian get any positive traction from this piece of news – I doubt it. The stock continues to languish at a disastrous 9.4x. Their PEG ratio is forecasting a growth rate of 7%. Putting things in perspective, Apple is being priced for double the growth rate at close to 15%.


Nokia – wake up! This needs a little more than simple organizational restructuring.

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